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Practitioner Insurance

The NHPC supports all legislation and bylaws surrounding massage therapy and holistic health care practices. Members must adhere to license and registration requirements from the Saskatchewan government, and with municipal  governments where applicable.

All NHPC practising members carry professional liability insurance. The NHPC offers three types of insurance coverage to practitioners.​

All insurance coverage options are national, occurrence based, and have a flat rate for all NHPC-recognized holistic health practices.


  • Provides coverage for claims brought against practitioners for professional negligence.

  • Professional negligence is the failure to exercise due care, knowledge, and skill when working with your client/patient.

  • Includes claims in which the client alleges that a treatment has caused them sickness, disease, or bodily injury.


  • Provides coverage for liability claims brought against practitioners for negligence due to the surroundings

  • Includes, but is not limited to, claims for slips and falls, allergic reactions, and damage caused to premises due to negligence


  • Covers the replacement cost of physical property and equipment owned by the member from loss.

  • Covers the loss of income-producing ability when the loss or damage is caused by an insured peril such as fire, water damage, or explosion.

  • Protection is only provided to a member's contents. Damage to physical buildings is not covered.

Prac. Insurance

Provider Status for Insurance

NHPC members with 2,200 hours of massage therapy training are recognized by all private insurance providers in Saskatchewan, which makes them eligible for direct billing.

The NHPC has negotiated eligibility agreements with several insurance companies and advocates on the behalf of all NHPC-recognized modalities.


  • advocates for the recognition of holistic health treatments in extended health/wellness plans

  • promotes practitioner competencies

  • supports members with eligibility requirements

  • builds relationships with insurance benefits providers

Provider Status
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